Is it Beginning?

Muleshoe, TX … Interesting name. We didn’t have a chance to do much exploring or research regarding the name, we can only assume. Sue found us a free RV park … Ray & Donna West Free RV Park in Muleshoe. Yep, totally free including electricity, water, and sewer. Thank goodness for electricity — Air Conditioning! Right next to the RV Park is the largest mule shoe in America, about 20′ tall standing right next to the highway. The RV park is simply gravel with no shade, but the price is right. They ask for donations to keep it going so, of course we financially expressed our appreciation for the electric connection.

We were treated to a great electric show in the early evening off to the north-east of us. Here are some clips from one of the videos that Larry took.

But … about midnight a thunder storm opened up right over us. Close and loud thunder, pelting rain … woke us all up for about an hour. Good news – no damage at all.

We hit the road somewhat early (for us) about 8:30 AM bound for Menard. Somewhere around the Lubbock area Larry got off on the wrong highway. After a few miles Sue called him (we’re using HTs to communicate) with that news. After a short stop to reconnoiter, we decided to take a county road cross town to Highway 84, the correct one. About 5 miles out we blew a tire on the trailer (sorry no pictures of this either). It blew out in the tread, lots of tread depth left, too! I guess the saying is true: If you have an RV (trailer) the question is not if you will experience a blowout, but WHEN you will experience a blowout. Less than 13,000 miles on that tire! Putting the spare on Larry discovered that the 4T bottle jack he bought from Harbor Freight Tools is about 1/2″ too tall to fit under the axle when the tire is flat. Used a scissor jack to raise it slightly, then the bottle jack for the real work. Spare is on … now to find a tire shop with a trailer tire — 14″ — Did I mention that this occurred on Sunday? Found one (and I mean 1!). They have what we need! This was the first week where they were open on Sunday! I guess that god is watching out for us … we had a blowout, but it was not on the freeway interchange, but on a county road, the one shop in Lubbock open on Sunday had 56 of the tires that we need; and, we had lunch at Whataburger! While we were at it we replaced the 3 original tires, the 4th is new.

On to Menard, TX …

Published by Larry Crabtree

Retired fire fighter; 33 years with CAL FIRE followed by 5 years with Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine FPD in Central California; Principal Consultant at Crabtree Consulting Services, LLC, for 12 years providing services to small fire agencies in California. Licensed by the FCC in 2011 as an amateur radio operator (ham); Call Sign WV6JVJ. Married Sue in 2001; 3 children, 4 grandchildren (all but one daughter are in Texas, one daughter in the US Navy). Socially conservative, financially conservative, ecologically conservative (before it was PC); patriot who stands for the national anthem; strong believer in christian family values

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