End of Good Week …

Well, it’s Friday and we’re still pleased with our decision and the progress. We got another offer on our house in Mi Wuk Village on Sunday. It was very low, but we countered and reached a deal that is satisfactory to us. Signed the agreement on Wednesday and escrow was opened then or Thursday.

Tuesday with two forms of ID we got a mail box. We now have both a physical and mailing address in Texas!

On Wednesday we found a nearby storage facility for the boat / antenna tower trailer. Checked in with the DMV (actually the County Tax Assessor’s office) regarding the steps to register the vehicle. Step 1 is to get them inspected, Step 2 is the Tax Assessor’s office with Safety Inspection Report, Insurance Docs, Registration / Titles, DMV Form, and Identification. Then we can go to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and get Driver Licenses (you need to have a vehicle to get a license).

After that task, we checked out the park’s swimming pool. So refreshing! It is a salt water pool, warm but not too warm! Shaded by a great big Mesquite tree. Great way to spend an hour in the heat of the day.

Thursday we got the vehicles inspected – three of them passed. Before we get the boat / antenna tower trailer inspected I need to move the brake/tail light assembly from the back of the ‘tower’ and mount them on the trailer frame itself. A task for this weekend or next week.

We also replaced the water pump on Thursday. Two symptoms dictated replacement: 1) frequent cycling on for a few seconds every 5 or 10 minutes; and, 2) city water overfilling the fresh water holding tank. Both indicated a defective check valve, which is internal to the pump itself. We replaced the OEM FloJet with a SureFlow – more readily available and more reliable.

Today, Friday, we are going to do some exploring as we work our way to San Antonio in the car. In San Antonio we are going to have a burger with Samantha for her fourth birthday (and her mom, dad, and siblings). We’re driving the Subaru most of the time around here – not as many Subaru’s here as in Tuolumne County, CA.

This is a great park, lots of room. Several walking trails — from a few hundred yards to over a mile. An island in the Guadalupe River with access via a bridge. The weather is unusually hot according to those who know. We have had showers and some lightning two or three times here. Pretty normal for this area at this time of the year. We just have to remember to put away or cover things outdoors when we leave.

We miss you all (see how I slipped that in there?). Leave a comment and say Hi!

Published by Larry Crabtree

Retired fire fighter; 33 years with CAL FIRE followed by 5 years with Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine FPD in Central California; Principal Consultant at Crabtree Consulting Services, LLC, for 12 years providing services to small fire agencies in California. Licensed by the FCC in 2011 as an amateur radio operator (ham); Call Sign WV6JVJ. Married Sue in 2001; 3 children, 4 grandchildren. Socially conservative, financially conservative, ecologically conservative (before it was PC); patriot who stands for the national anthem; strong believer in christian family values

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  1. Sounds like you made the right decision. It’s hot here too 108 for the last 3 or 4 days. We will be headed that way to explore soon.

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