Texas Tornadoes

Well, we had some excitement here on Tuesday. A typical Texas thunder storm moved through, but this one brought wind with it. Several funnel clouds touched down near Smithville, which is about 12 air miles from our house. Here is a YouTube video of some of the activity While there were a few places with damage, we sustained no damage. We are all safe and sound. Wind at our home never got above about 10 MPH; however, we did get almost 3″ of rain in 10 hours.

The Corona virus has had some impact here (our hair is getting long and unwieldy); however, we’ve had no serious adverse effects. We are both healthy and in good spirits. Texas is beginning to reopen its businesses and economy. The biggest impact so far is that we have a load of trash in the back of the pickup from cleaning the yard; but, none of the transfer stations in Bastrop County are open. Travis County wants $96.00 to dump, so it is just staying where it is until the local transfer stations reopen! Bastrop is a county of almost 90,000 residents; 120 confirmed cases, 37 recovered, 2 deaths. We are cautious, but not in panic mode.undefined

We enjoyed visits from the grand-kids just before the COVID-19 panic set it. Ryan and Jennifer brought Parker, Felicity, and Samantha for an overnight visit. We really had a fun time with them all. Watching the grand-kids play in the yard, building a fort from sticks, was such a joy. John came down from his home in Lewisville (near Dallas) for Super Bowl weekend. We are so pleased that we decided to move here. Having them close is a true blessing. Now we need this isolation to ease up so we can travel to them with our trailer and spend more time!

In other news, we purchased a new-to-us pickup. It is a 2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty, 4WD, 6.7L Diesel, 6 speed automatic transmission. We also sold the Titan to our neighbor who acquired it for his son. We hooked up the trailer and towed it around a little to get the feel of it. This setup will be much better, safer, and easier for towing the trailer than was the Titan. The Titan served us well for 12 years, but it was pretty close to capacity towing the trailer, lots of power, good braking, but the suspension was close to the limit. We had to add running boards so we could get in. Larry installed one of his amateur radios (had a bit of consternation trying to attach an antenna to the aluminum roof) and a dash cam. He also installed a latch to fold down the 60% rear seat back that Ford decided didn’t need to fold, and added an ‘across the bed’ toolbox.

For you amateur radio folks, Larry will be selling some of his equipment over the next few months. Stay tuned if you are interested. He did get his DMR HotSpot and IRLP Node (7770) up and running, after we convinced AT&T to install high speed internet at the house.

And, NO, we didn’t block you on FaceBook!
Both Larry & Sue decided to get out of the social media business. Too much time wasted, BS, emotions, misunderstandings, poor communications, etc. All the accounts have been deleted. You will have to contact us in other ways, like the old days. We still love you all, just not on social media.

Until next time … !

Published by Larry Crabtree

Retired fire fighter; 33 years with CAL FIRE followed by 5 years with Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine FPD in Central California; Principal Consultant at Crabtree Consulting Services, LLC, for 12 years providing services to small fire agencies in California. Licensed by the FCC in 2011 as an amateur radio operator (ham); Call Sign WV6JVJ. Married Sue in 2001; 3 children, 4 grandchildren. Socially conservative, financially conservative, ecologically conservative (before it was PC); patriot who stands for the national anthem; strong believer in christian family values

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  1. Hello Larry, N6GEO is looking like a good fit for TCARES EC. Glad everything is working out for you . Tornadoes, like Covid-19, are not for nothing and both are certainly ‘not nothing’, if it ‘gets’ you. Stay Safe, Cheers & 73, …dan wl7coo

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